CK Pets is a Malaysia based company, the founder of this company is Mr. Suresh. CK Pets is a company  that major in Supply animal such as ducks, Geese, Swans, Cranes, Zoo Bird and Mammals.

In our swan collection you will find among others the Trumpeter swan, which we have bred successfully for many years and supply to zoological gardens, parks and private collectors at home and abroad.

Besides all species of swans we keep almost every species of geese on our farm. Many pairs of Red-Breasted Geese lord over the many other species on our beautifully planted ponds. The Orinoco goose, the Emperor goose, the Hawaiian goose and the Cape Barren goose are always available as well as many others. We have on our farm about 150 different species of waterfowl and the stock fluctuates between 1500 and 3000 birds.

In our duck collection we have the Harlequin duck, the Bufflehead and the White-Headed Stiff tail.

For the aviculturist beginner we always have a choice of less expensive but no less beautiful species, which we obtain by exchange and purchase from other top breeders and zoos.

During the first week of incubation we leave the eggs with the parents, after which the eggs are placed in an incubator.

Once dry the hatch lings are placed into a special nursery under artificial conditions on a gauze foundation, and are fed on a special diet.

Our method, due to its success, is being followed by countless others.

For questions and advice about housing, nourishment, breeding and the selection of your choice of birds, we are completely at your disposal, and you are also very welcome to visit our beautiful waterfowl breeding farm.

Here you will have the opportunity to appreciate the vast extension of our collection and get acquainted with the very rare but above all healthy animals.

In consultation with you and the airfreight company we can decide on the best method of packing and transport.

We also sell many other kinds of ornamental waterfowl such as flamingos, cranes, ibisses and other park birds. We can also be of assistance to you in the buying and selling of mammals, due to our reputation and excellent connections with zoological gardens.