5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Zoo Negara

Pique Your Curiosity At Animals Galore

Take a walk to the wild side and marvel at over 5137 animals from 476 species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fishes and birds. From the beautiful, majestic to downright bizarre; be amazed at animals that are uniquely different from the next. With their animated antics and charming personalities, you’re in for a visual treat.

The majestic tiger at Zoo Negara

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor Australia

Fun For The Whole Family

The perfect way to spend a day with your family; a visit to the zoo promises to be an eye opening experience for all. From watching monkeys swinging from tree to tree, turtles basking on logs to seals putting on an exuberant performance, there’s truly something for everyone.

A Gibbon Monkey at Zoo Negara

Photo Credit: Kipling Malaysia

Fosters Environmental Awareness

Visiting a zoo can help you gain a better understanding about the importance of caring for the environment and how it plays an important role on the welfare and lives of animals. Learn more about how different animals are taken care of and how conservation efforts are carried out. Visitors can also acquire insights at how each animal go about living their daily lives at the zoo with each exhibit.

A volunteer feeding a turtle at Zoo Negara

Photo Credit: The Rocket

Get A Hands-On Experience

Many zoos offer petting areas and Zoo Negara is no different! Interact with deers, goats and miniature horses to get an idea of how each animal behaves amidst their enclosures. Let your kids be entertained at the Children’s World where they can compare the size of an elephant’s foot and tooth or marvel at the shape of an emu’s egg. Visitors may also check out the Cave where the skulls of primates and different parts of animals are showcased.  

The Cave at the Children's World In Zoo Negara

Photo Credit: Zoo Negara Malaysia

Great Value For Money

At a little under RM80 for foreigners or RM42 for Malaysians, going to Zoo Negara is an affordable experience for the whole family. From fishing at the zoo, witnessing the of creepy mannerisms of arachnids, pandas lazing about to feeding cute and furry animals; there’s never a shortage of picture perfect moments.

A panda spotted at Zoo Negara

Photo Credit: World of Buzz